Lang Manufacturing Company was established in 1904 by Frank S. Lang, who built his first wood-burning stove in 1880 for the Alaskan Gold Rush camps. In 1907, the first patented Lang stove was produced to serve the U.S. Navy transporter - SS Dix. The company thrived by providing the highest-quality, affordable cooking and baking equipment on the market, while serving some of the most demanding customers.

Lang's reputation as a world-class supplier of both gas and electric equipment was established with numerous milestones, including the first electric convection oven in the 1950's, the first all-electric, double-sided Clamshell® griddle, the revolutionary "Weight of the Plate" finishing oven, the first computer-controlled convection oven and much more.

Lang offers a complete line of gas and electric commercial and marine cooking equipment - each exemplifying attention to detail and superior construction. Lang's equipment proudly serves multi-unit restaurant chains, school food service, convenience stores, cruise ships and marine vessels around the world.

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Convection Ovens,
Clamshell Griddles,
Pane Bella Toasters,
Ranges, Cheesemelters,
Broilers, Deck Ovens,